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Sample Vision-Résumés

Check out how other people are putting their Vision-Résumés to work for them:

Cyndi Wheat in New York City, New York USA
Age: 32 | Industry: Entertainment | Specialty: Fashion Styling
"In my industry, the first impression is everything. I love the effect my VR has on people. I use it for all kinds of communications as my professional calling card. I include my VR website link in all of my communications. It adds to my overall credibility and allows me to brag about all of the great experience and talent I have."

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Bob Wolfe in Lexington, Kentucky USA
Age: 45 | Industry: Construction & Skilled Trades | Specialty: Electrical Contracting
"I work in a field where contract bids are made based upon reputation and years of experience. I think VR places me ahead of other contractors by giving me credibility and a place to show off my work."

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Evan Davis in Knoxville, Tennessee USA
Age: 23 | Industry: Finance | Specialty: Startup Capital
"My Vision-Résumé is probably the best way to express who I am and what I can do--something a traditional résumé cannot do. It pays to invest in yourself a little. Everyone who sees my VR on the internet or pops in my ICD comments on the great impression they get--and then they want one, too!"

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David Simpson in Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Age: 28 | Industry: Business Development | Specialty: Project Management
"The most challenging aspect for me in my job search was finding personal connections to companies in other cities. I found an opening that wasn't advertised by simply taking part in a couple of industry forums. Once I mentioned the opportunity I was looking for, a fellow VR Community member helped me connect with the hiring manager in their company. I guess it is true that a friend's referral is the best way to get a job. It's a good thing that I could turn to the VR Community to find that friend!"

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Ashley Hunter in Los Angeles, California USA
Age: 26 | Industry: Marketing | Specialty: Market Research
"I never put much thought into my résumé before I began looking for a major career advancement. That's when I realized the importance of personal presentation. After using Vision-Résumé, I am convinced that it made the difference in landing the interview that got me a great job."

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